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This is my first time getting eyelash extensions.

Welcome, and thank you for starting your eyelash journey with us! We are focused on maintaining the health of your natural lash. Our lashes will not break or damage your natural lashes. With such a large inventory of lashes in the greatest variety of lengths, curl patterns, and diameters we can customize your personal style better than anyone else.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

- Avoid getting them wet for up to 48 hours after application.
- Do not rub or touch your eyes.
- Brush through your eyelash tips in the morning.
- Do not use oil based products around or on the eyes.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. At OMG Lash Bar, we use top grade adhesive specifically designed for lash extensions. The adhesive, while strong, is not super glue and therefore eyelash extension shedding can and will occur. Additionally, your natural lashes go through a growth cycle, (much like the head on your head), and will therefore shed.  You will have a new set of natural lashes every 90-100 days. Therefore we recommend touch-ups every 2-4 weeks in order to keep the lash set looking full and fabulous.

Lash Lift Aftercare

Immediately following a lash lift, for  a minimum of 24 hours, please avoid heat, steam (including cooking over steaming stovetop), saunas, water, oils, lotions, creams, shampoos, face washes, makeup remover wipes or pads on lashes. Because it is just your natural lashes being curled, you're free to use whatever eye makeup you wish. You just have to wait 24 hours.

About our lashes.

In our store we carry mink, silk, synthetic mink, matte flat, and Russian volume lashes. With these you can pick and choose the variety of styles, lengths, and curls to create a look tailored to your asethetic.

What are your hours?

Our hours are appointment based only. You can text, (201) 912-4609 and schedule an appointment Monday through Friday from 9am to 7 pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm. If you would need to reschedule or cancel your appointment please let us know 24 hour in advance.

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